Winter X Games Aspen Colorado 2019

This is a video from one night of X games in Aspen Colorado. You put a few thousand people together and it's people watching paradise. January in Aspen CO is usually really cold and so was this night. Like any huge event it's a fun crazy mix of this constant line buses loading and unloading, security people directing the crowd, and people sliding around on snow. Pretty much it's a ton of kids having fun at the concerts and the sport events. People were really nice to me some were more messed up than others but who hasn't been there? Aspen is super proud of the event and supportive of the crowds of kids. We hear a lot of complaining around town but since I was filming a little on the early side of the evening it was obnoxious yet. I'm sure the stories from Aspen at 2am are quite different. I'm an old guy but I love the kids and thought it would be great for people that don't go to the event to get a taste of whats going on. When you're at that point in your life that you've been to a million huge concerts you lose your taste for the crowds and lines and noise and cold. But if you're just starting you notch your belt with the big events I imagine it's one of the best out there. I met a lot of people from Denver/Boullder but some were from Arizona and one kid from Maine.