Wedding Photography

As a photographer in Aspen Colorado I specialize in stills and videos for many purposes. I do family portraits, children portraits, business portraits, and branding photography and video.

This video (2 Min. sample) is an example of using creative photography skills for a wedding in Aspen Colorado. The couple didn’t want to hire a videographer since it was a small intimate wedding but they wanted something digital for their friends back home. The solution was to make a slideshow which I consider a cross between a video and an album of stills. The client was delighted. 

I almost laughed out loud when I got the call for the job. Melissa said it was a small elopement- just she and Peter. They had planned a huge wedding in Hawaii and in the middle of planning decided to forget the whole thing and fly to Aspen Colorado for the wedding -or elopement. I thought that was a great idea. They saved Hawaii for large party for their friends and families. 

I arranged an officiant and flowers and champagne, and a driver. We spent most of the day together shooting them getting ready, the ceremony, and portraits around Aspen. They loved it! 

I've been doing photography in Aspen Colorado for 20 years.  I'm after a feeling and care much less about equipment or trends, etc. I shoot high end portraits which I call “fashion portraits.” It blends the fashion photo-shoot style with the portrait session. I have a crew for make-up and hair, a photo-assistant, and stylist. But with all that going on I still make the subject feel comfortable and we get amazing shots. 

So many beginning photographers claim they use “available light” which simply means daylight. That’s fine but it simply means they never learned to use all of the tools available to a trained photographer. We use studio lighting in the field. That way we get creative no matter what the weather is doing. There is an example video of shooting a family portrait with a crew on my website titled “Weiss Family Photog-Shoot. You can find it on the “Behind the Scenes” page.