Aspen Portrait Project

This is a project from 2004 in which I photographed people in Aspen, Colorado. The idea was to photograph people that have made an impact on the town. I started with a few people I knew and asked them to recommend others. The shot list could have included dozens and dozens of people. Luckily, I have these because, of course, by 2018 many of them have passed away. I imagine it is time to do this project again!

Andy-Stone Aspen-Photographer
Art-Pfister Aspen-Photographer
Betty-Pfister Aspen-Photographer
Burnie-Arndt Aspen-Photographer
Carl-Berman Aspen-Photographer
Willard-Clapper Aspen-Photographer
Judge-DeVilbiss Aspen-Photographer
Nick-DeWolfe Aspen-Photographer
Bill-Dunaway Aspen-Photographer
Eve Homeyer Aspen-Photographer
Gaylord Guenin Aspen-Photographer
Jean Cornish Aspen-Photographer
Jon-Busch Aspen-Photographer
Mary-Hayes Aspen-Photographer
Klaus-Obermeyer Aspen-Photographer
Ray-Adams Aspen-Photographer
Sam-Caudill2 Aspen-Photographer
George-Stranahan Aspen-Photographer
Su-Lum Aspen-Photographer
Dave-Swersky Aspen-Photographer
Patti-Spilsbury Aspen-Photographer