I get bored easily...

I'm a photographer in Aspen, Colorado. If you landed here looking for a photographer in Aspen CO then I'm here for you!

 I don't know whether to think I get bored easily or if I'm in a creative mode more often than I realized- and is one of those negative and the other positive?

This video is an example of why I'm asking myself these questions. On a recent photo trip, while mountain biking on some amazing trails, I had the idea to make video vignettes of my wife. I had the final video in my head before the first take. 

The notion that came into my mind was a silly video for her website showing what she does for fun. I say "silly" because I wanted a simple video instead of a serious art video of her having fun. 

So I got to ride sweet trails and get a bunch of shots to make a fun, silly video. See what simple looks like-