Jim Paussa Aspen Photographer
Jim made it so easy and fun for all of us. He picked some fantastic sites for our photos, had great patience, and captured the essence of each of our children beautifully.
— Abby (Houston TX)
Jim’s portraits get at the heart of a person: his shot of my daughter Willa, at three, caught something essential in her personality—a cantankerousness and an agitation—that I’m sure will show up in pictures of her when she’s 80.
— Auden Schendler (Aspen CO)
Jim, the shots you did got me into an agency in LA. Thanks so much. And the make up artist was fantastic too.
— Christina (Chicago)
Jim ‘got it’ and got the perfect shots of our kids.
— Brad (Los Angeles)

About jim paussa

It seems like I've had a camera in my hand since high school photo class. After school I turned everything upside-down and began cowboying around ranches in the mountains of Montana. I experienced the amazing light of sunrise and sunset and storms and stillness. Being outside all day everyday means I didn't only view nature; I lived the wind, heat, rain, snow, and serenity. It was authentic. 

Years later I made my first trip to Italy. I returned each year for the following ten years. I studied the art & architecture but mostly the food and learned creativity is important in everything we do. I hope  all travelers to Italy return with a different sense of what is important in their lives.

I turned professional 20 years ago. My specialty is portraiture. I enjoy the challenge and complexity of dealing with people. Some love the camera and others hate it. I like to joke, "If you hate getting your picture taken then I'm your man." Since I love what I do my portrait sessions are always fun. Anyone can operate an automatic camera. The professional photographer has technical skills such as lens choice and lighting ability. The fine-art portrait photographer also needs patience and intuition to make a beautiful photograph. I also add a combination of relaxed fun and creativity.

Services: We do family photography, children photography, pet photography, fashion photography, and, of course, all forms of portrait photography. We also specialize in small wedding photography, elopements, and engagement photography. Did I forget anything? I'm sure we do that too.

Pricing for every budget. Contact us with any questions. Fashion Portraits: For the most conceptual and creative portraits we combine the elements of a fashion shoot: background, lighting, make-up, wardrobe, and retouching. This is the only way to achieve the polished look of great images like a Vanity Fair magazine cover or high-end ad campaign. It may sound complex but it isn't. It's simply working with people who are professionals at what they do. Please call to discuss your ideas or project.

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